Street Maintenance


To report a pothole, please call the Department of Public Services. during regular business hours.

Snow and Ice Control

Snow emergencies are called by the Police Department once an accumulation of 3 or more inches of snow has taken place or is anticipated. All vehicles must be removed from Garden City streets at that time. The purpose of this emergency is to allow the safe and efficient plowing of snow from the streets. The snow needs to be pushed to the curb or street edge or beyond.

Vehicles parked in the streets makes this impossible and on some streets, plow trucks cannot pass certain areas due to their size. Priority of snow/ice control is the City's Major Streets, Maplewood, Marquette, and portions of Bock, Florence, Krauter, and Beechwood along with Henry Ruff, Harrison, portions of Craig, Brandt, Hubbard, and Central. These are followed by emergency routes and around our schools. Local streets are the last to be done.

It should be noted that Warren, Ford, Cherry Hill, Venoy and Inkster Roads are in the County Road system and all work on them to include snow/ice control are their responsibility.