Pavilion Rentals

2023 Pavilion Rentals

Located near the intersection of Merriman and Cherry Hill Roads, Garden City Park includes 4 pavilion/picnic areas for rent. All pavilions are covered and include picnic tables and trash receptacles. The 4 small pavilions can host 35 people, while the main pavilion can host up to 150 people, and has electrical outlets for rental groups to use.

The Parks & Recreation office is the office in charge of renting out pavilions. For general information or questions, please call (734) 793-1882 or contact the Parks and Recreation office.

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Pavilion Rental Fees


Main Pavilion (150 capacity)

Monday - Thursday: Full Day: $105/residents, $210/non-residents

                                   9am-2pm: $65/residents, $130/non-residents 

                                   3pm-8pm: $80/residents, $160/non-residents

Friday - Sunday: Full Day: $175/residents, $350/non-residents

                             9am-2pm: $135/residents, $270/non-residents

                             3pm-8pm: $150/residents, $300/non-residents 

Small Pavilions-Red, Brown, Green and Rotary(35 Capacity)

Monday - Thursday: Full Day: $85/residents, $170/non-residents

                                   9am-2pm: $45/residents, $90/non-residents

                                   3pm-8pm: $60/residents, $120/non-residents 

Friday - Sunday: Full Day: $110/residents, $220 for non-residents

                             9am-2pm: $70/residents, $140/non-residents 

                             3pm-8pm: $85/residents, $170/non-residents 

Other Fees

Alcohol Permit: $35/residents; $70/non-residents