Animal Shelter

The Garden City Police Department uses the Romulus Animal Shelter. Listed below are some ways that we can all work together to continue to make Garden City a great place to call home:

  1. If you see a stray domestic animal (dog, cat, etc…), you can call the police department, so that we can try to coral the animal and see where it belongs. We will make every effort to catch the animal, but in most cases if they don’t want to be caught, they won’t be (four legs move faster than two). In most cases if the animal is staying in the area, it is because they live close and don’t want to stray far from home.
  2. If you catch a stray animal who is friendly, then you can go to the lost or found tab on this site (attached to this page), and enter the relevant information onto the page. When you’re finished, it will automatically send that info into the police department, and we can log it into our book in case the owner calls us to inquire about the animal. We would then appreciate it if you could call the shelter to either arrange pickup during their regular business hours, or hold onto the animal until they are open and drop it off at the listed address.
  3. If you encounter an animal that is aggressive or appears hostile, then please call the police department right away.
  4. If you discover a dead animal on the roadway in the city, then please contact the police department and we will have someone dispose of the animal. For other wildlife (raccoons, squirrels, opossum, etc…) concerns, there are a number of services listed on the internet to assist you. Please be advised that there is a fee for using their services. 
  5. Ordinance complaints about unlicensed animals, too many animals, etc... can be handled through the ordinance officer, who works out of the Department of Public Service building. Phone number (734) 793-1807.   
  6. If there is a dog that is constantly barking, causing a nuisance, then please call the police department while the infraction is occurring. If you wait and call the next day, then the officer will have no evidence to substantiate a claim that the animal is actually being disruptive.

A violation can be issued for loud barking dogs after 1 warning is given. Under ordinance -


(A)      No person shall harbor or keep any dog, cat or other animal which, by loud, frequent, unnecessary, or habitual barking, howling, or making any such noise shall cause serious annoyance to the neighborhood or to people passing upon the streets... 

We truly appreciate your cooperation and understanding, thank you.