Check Complaints

Handling Check Complaints

Should you have a returned check from the bank, you have the right to file a police report and prosecute. The check must have one of the following stamps on it:
  • Account closed check
  • Insufficient funds check
  • No account check
There are some requirements you must complete prior to making your report.:
  1. You must be able to positively identify the person presenting the check. This can be done by viewing a photograph Michigan Operators License or Michigan State Identification card. In some instances, you may personally know the presenter.
  2. You are required by law to send the person who presented the check a certified letter requesting payment for said check. You may print the form below.
  3. The check passer is allowed 5 days to respond to the letter. If the person fails to respond, you have completed your requirement for this step. Bring in your receipt from the post office for the letter you sent.
  4. The police department will need the original check, or, if the bank retained the check, an original copy of the check from the bank.
  5. Bring all documentation with you when you file your original report. Any incident being reported more than 90 days after the check was presented will not be accepted unless there is unusual circumstance.