2021 Road Projects Info

Concrete Reconstruction

Helen– Maplewood to Warren

Asphalt Reconstruction/Reclamation 

James – Helen to Inkster
Hennepin- Middlebelt to Harrison
Pierce- Venoy to Farmington
Farmington- Marquette to Ford

Concrete Sectioning/Patch Repairs 

Schaller- Windsor to Rush
Manor Park- Hubbard to Venoy
Brandt- Ford to Beechwood
Arcola- Sheridan to Marquette
Helen- Cherry Hill to Kathryn
Brown- Henry Ruff to Dillon
Sheridan- Farmington to Venoy
Alta- Farmington to Radcliff

Asphalt Resurfacing (Milling and Filling)

Krauter- Central to Harrison
Beechwood-Central to Harrison
Birchlawn- Central to Harrison

Chip Seal
Kathryn- Harrison to Inkster
Moeller- Maplewood to Rush
Craig- Maplewood to Warren
James- Moeller to Merriman
Cambridge- Hubbard to Merriman
Windsor Hubbard to Craig
Windsor- Moeller to Merriman
Barton- Hubbard to Merriman
Sheridan- Craig to Merriman
Rosslyn- Craig to Moeller
Florence- Hubbard to Merriman
Alvin- Craig to Merriman
Kathryn- Craig to Merriman
Leona- Craig to Moeller
John Hauk- Cadillac to Hubbard
Donnelly- Cadillac to Hubbard
Pardo- Rahn to Cadillac
Cadillac- Pardo to Bock
Rahn- Marquette to Ford
Hennepin- Farmington to Venoy
Bock- Farmingto to Venoy
John Hauk- Radcliff to Farmintgon
Donnelly- Radcliff to Farmington
Bock- Radcliff to Venoy

Spray Patching

Various Streets throughout the City

Joint and Crack Sealing

Various Streets throughout the City