Holiday Light Contest

Best Decorated House Competition

2023 Holiday Light Contest

This holiday season, Garden City will host its fifth-annual 
"Best Decorated House Competition"!

By December 15th, email your street address with a picture of your lights to

The homeowner of the household must be the one to send in the information. Homeowners will be recognized at a City Council Meeting and receive a Ace Gift Card!


website lights

2022 Grand Champion

The Bandy Family

32137 Balmoral Street

The Grand Champion was recognized at a City Council meeting. 

The Grand Champion is not allowed to enter the competition for five years after winning, so if you want to participate next year, you may want to buy your lights on sale now…and get ready!

2022 Honorable Mentions

32168 Balmoral Street30915 Barton Street
30026 Bock Street30948 Bock Street
32294 Bridge Street2057 Cardwell Street
6950 Cardwell Street32201 Hennepin Avenue
31723 John Hauk Street31917 Leona Street

Bostick Family 29195 Sheridan WINNER_WebsiteEdit

2021 Grand Champion

The Bostick Family

29195 Sheridan Street

2021 Honorable Mentions

6950 Cardwell Street30915 Barton Street
31917 Leona Street29171 Sheridan Street
30948 Bock Street32168 Balmoral Street
31789 Cambridge Street33550 Cherry Hill Road
2019 and 2020 Contest Winners

2020 Contest Winner

The Iwinksi Family

31264 Maplewood Street

2020 Honorable Mentions

29171 Sheridan Street30850 Brown Street
30915 Barton Street30948 Bock Street
31917 Leona Street32168 Balmoral Street
32201 Hennepin Street29195 Sheridan Street

2019 Contest Winners

The Pummill Family

32221 Hennepin Street

The Boyce Family

28553 Maplewood Street

2019 Honorable Mentions

31624 Maplewood Street30915 Barton Street
6470 Harrison Street33431 Leona Street
33550 Cherry Hill Road32917 Bock Street
28663 Sheridan Street28615 Rush Street
33531 Kathryn Street6922 Schaller Avenue