Can I get curbside recycling?
Yes, Garden City now offers Curbside Recycling. You can contact the DPS office @ 734-793-1800 to request a recycle cart.

Items that can be recycled include:

Cardboard & Paper Bags
Paperboard Magazines & Catalogs
Junk Mail
Phone Books
Office Paper
Steel & Tin Cans
Clear Glass
Colored Glass
Kitchen Cookware
Aluminum Cans
Plastic Jugs/Bottles
Household Plastic (#1 – #7)
Plastic Bags

Items that CANNOT be recycled include:

Paper Milk or Juice Cartons
Styrofoam Containers/Packing
Garbage/Compost Food Waste
Propane Tanks
Paint Cans
Medical Waste/Syringes
Flammable Liquids
Household Cleaners
Chemicals (Dry or Liquid)
Wood Items
Electrical Cords/Batteries
Garden Hoses

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